About us

As founders of The Riding School, we were born in a time where we were uniquely privileged as children to spend time outdoor and in the lap of nature. Our children today do not have too many opportunities to do the same. Hence the idea for The Riding School was born.

Our Horses

All our horses have been worked and taught ground work and commands making them safe for both children and adults. We have chosen the thoroughbred as our horses for their natural calmness, friendly nature and their incredible ability to adapt to any situation.

Our Vision

A fun and friendly environment in which students of all ages and background can safely learn the intricacies of riding horses and develop a life-long bond with them. We hope to introduce a whole new generation of young riders who will share this bond of love, trust, respect and carry it with them for the future generations to come.

What we do

We teach Groundwork, Horsemanship Equine Assisted Therapy in a fun and happy setting. Horses are selfless, lovable and most loyal friends a human can have. The Riding School helps to build and nurture that relationship between a human and a horse.